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My first Post Here

2009-10-15 00:25:09 by Gyngertree18

Well, I now have a job. I work at a restaurant called Taco Villa, taking orders both ways. I enjoy painting, I will admit that I don't tend to spend too much time on my art works. What I would love to do here is network, work with someone on a project, learn what hardware I need for flashes and to create better animations and graphics. I wonder if anyone will befriend me? I would love to hear feedback

My first Post Here


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2009-10-15 00:32:33

Space Marines are a flexible, versatile force, often described as a jack-of-all-trades, master-of-none. They have a solid, all-round statline which makes them better than the average but not exceptional in any one area, except perhaps toughness. The basic unit is the Tactical Marine, armed with the rapid-firing bolter. Space Marine specialist units, such as the Assault or Devastator squads, are distinguished by their weaponry rather than by a change in their statistics - Assault squads are equipped with bolt pistols and chainswords, whilst Devastators carry a number of heavy weapons. The army specialises in close-range firefights with vehicle support, utilising the Rhino APC and its more heavily-armed variants. These elements combine into a flowing, combined-arms style which grants the player a number of tactical choices during gameplay. Even standard Space Marines are armed with relatively good weapons, a selection of grenades and Power Armour, making even the basic Space Marine unit very well equipped even compared to the elite choices in other armies. It is not uncommon for a Space Marine player to be outnumbered due to the relatively high cost of their units, the idea being that one Space Marine is equal to multiple models of almost any other army.


2009-10-15 00:41:16

Well then congrats on your first post, also very good work Commrade, i would make more, there is an Art Portal now.


2010-01-15 14:18:11

By implying that his wife died, and the guy from "Date for One" manifested the imaginary girlfriend, that wouldn't make it an "Original Comedy" now would it?

Albeit, that would be a whole new level of brilliant flash drama, it just simply wasn't the case.

If comedy were to beer, Date for One would've been a Smirnoff Triple Black; tasty, nice to look at, but not strong enough to even obtain a buzz.

...and I use comedy and long reviews to help me forget how miserable my life really is? No, no, you got it all wrong. I use comedy and long reviews to procrastinate the fuck out of things I'm supposed to do. :D

You made it sound like I blatantly attacked the guy. Lighten up! I know first-hand that if you make a flash, the reviews you benefit from the most are the one's that are critical. After you read 100+ reviews you receive from one of your future submissions, then you'll quickly realize what I mean.